TEMPUS | Center for Musical Research and Outreach

TEMPUS Center for Musical Research and Outreach is a private entity fully committed to the advancement of music from a cultural, scientific, and educational perspective. TEMPUS was created in March 2009 by musicologist, conductor, and artistic director Marian Rosa Montagut, and it currently works and collaborates with prestigious researchers and musicians from all around the world, such as Dr. Antonio Ezquerro Esteban (CSIC), Prof. Ramiro Albino, or Dr. Rosa Isusi (Universitat de València), among others. 

TEMPUS’ core mission is to show and communicate musicological research’s results, beyond publication, by offering live music performances based on scientific principles and historical accuracy. The Center’s main purpose is to recover unpublished musical heritage from the 16th to the 18th centuries and translate it from archives to concerts in specialized performances, mainly by Harmonia del Parnàs, but also by other international ensembles that ask for our studies and transcriptions, such as Capilla del Sol from Buenos Aires (Ramiro Albino, cond.), Ars Cantorum from Uruguay (Gastón Gerónimo, cond.) or Coro del Fin del Mundo from Ushuaia (Pablo Poznan, cond.).

TEMPUS | CIDM has an extensive library of specialized materials and regularly performs outreach events in order to bring music closer to society such as conferences, courses, educational research, festivals, and competitions. We also take assignments and collaborate in projects by other institutions, such as redacting program notes, festivals’ artistic direction, conferences, specialized and informational courses, educational concerts, competition juries, educational research, or score transcription and editing.